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Course - Train The Trainer (TTT)


The field of training is rapidly changing and this program gives both experienced and novice trainers the chance to hone their skills. It equips them with new methodologies and enables them to handle changing expectations with the skills and confidence that an effective trainer needs. They will then be able to deliver training that’s high on impact and that is participative and fun. A motivated and competent trainer can take training from just alright to great. Knowledge and expertise in a subject are not enough to ensure training is effective. Trainers in organizations are designed to be masters at creating involvement from any employee they come in contact with. Train the trainer courses are essential to a successful staff development program and with the practical exercises and valuable content that is a part of this course, your trainers will be ready to revolutionize the workforce and empower participants to stick to the path of continuous improvement.

Benefits of TTT

  • Be able to train with a clear, confident delivery style.
  • Know how to build and maintain rapport with participants throughout a training session.
  • Adapt what you do to meet the needs of those with different learning and behavioural styles.
  • Make the most of your body language and voice.
  • Learn techniques that engage groups and stimulate interaction and involvement.
  • Improve your feedback skills so participants leave with real personal insights.
  • Specific tools for dealing with disruptors.