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Course - Logical Framework Analysis


The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) is a management tool mainly used for designing, monitoring, and evaluating international development projects. Variations of this tool are known as Goal Oriented Project Planning (GOPP) or Objectives Oriented Project Planning (OOPP).

A log frame (also known as a Project Framework) is based on Results-based management (RBM) and is a management strategy which uses feedback loops to achieve strategic goals.

Logical Framework Approach widely used as a strategic control mechanism.

It is particularly valuable to organizations who are in the Visioning Stage or Rebranding stage.

Benefits of Logical Framework Analysis

Key Learning
  • Understand the third-generation balanced scorecard
  • The Framework allows you build a table (or a log frame matrix) that map out the key components of a project in a clear, concise, logical and systematic way.
  • Understand the difference between Outcome, Outcome, Process, Input and Activities

Learning Outcomes
  • LFA is a highly effective strategic planning and project management tool with wide application.
  • It provides the big pictures and at the same time maps processes and inputs
  • It is an excellent problem solving tool for planning, designing and managing their solutions (the approach).
  • LFA results in a Log frame matrix or a table that summarizes what the project intends to do and how, what the key assumptions are, and how outputs and outcomes will be monitored and evaluated.

Who Should Attend?

Managers, Quality Control Teams, Leaders, People from all levels in an organization (Government, Charitable Organisations, Private Firms).