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Course - Six Sigma and Lean Sigma


Lean Sigma a collection of techniques for reducing the time needed to provide products or services.

Six Sigma a collection of techniques for improving the quality of products and services, substantially contributing to increased customer satisfaction.

By combining the two, Lean Sigma is a proven busi-ness management strategy that helps organisation operate more efficiently. According to many business analysts and quality improvement experts, Lean Sigma is the most popular business performance methodology in the history of corporate development.

Benefits of Six Sigma and Lean Sigma

  • Improve your understanding and awareness of Lean Six Sigma.
  • Gain sufficient understanding of Lean Six Sigma to be able to work effectively with, or as as a member of, a process improvement team working in an environment supporting Lean Six Sigma.
  • Learn to analyze and refine processes to improve efficiency and remove waste using Lean.
  • Apply Six Sigma principles and techniques to reduce process variation and improve quality and consistency.
  • Contribute to your continuing professional development.
  • Enhances organizational capability.