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Course - Cross Cultural Sensitization


Cross-cultural sensitivity starts with the awareness that there are differences in cultures. With this sensitivity comes the ability to respond appropriately to situations from the point–of-view of others, even when their beliefs, attitudes, and feelings are markedly different from yours. Cross-cultural sensitivity training will equip you with the knowledge of how these differences can affect communication styles, behaviour and attitudes and not let them come in the way of your work. What may be normal or acceptable to one businessperson may seem counterproductive or unusual to another. A lack of cross-cultural sensitivity in today’s global workplace could easily mean lost business, a failed assignment, poor client relationships, staff attrition and ultimately wasted time and investment.

Benefits of Cross Cultural Sensitization

The workshop will improve understanding and build action learning sets around the following areas:
  • Cultural awareness and understanding of the impact of differences.
  • Understanding of the challenges facing multicultural workplaces of today.
  • Comprehensive overview and results of different communication styles.
  • Facilitating shared goal setting in a multicultural workplace.
  • Overview and results of different learning styles.
  • Practical tools to reduce cross-cultural misunderstanding.
  • Stress management and conflict resolution.
  • Tools to encourage positive cross-cultural working relationships and cultural adaptability.