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Course - Advanced Leadership Excellence with MBTI®


ALEP is a completely customisable advanced leadership course that enables high-potential leaders to become even more effective at the workplace. It provides specific, actionable tools for effective leadership, communication skills, negotiation and conflict resolution, all of which give the leaders, the ability to create an environment of cooperation and collaboration. The training gives leaders the ability to think beyond the obvious and transform the manner in which organizational challenges are typically approached. Furthermore, it trains leaders to face leadership challenges, enhances strategic thinking, and employ tools to encourage out-of-the-box solutions. An effective leader in today’s dynamic environment needs to be able to lead teams whose members are motivated to perform beyond expectations, make quick and wise decisions and maximize his strengths and minimize the effects of his weaknesses.

Organizations are under constant pressure to improve their performance and change management strategies to deliver better results. However in order to make the most of these solutions and to improve organizational effectiveness, a culture of transformational leadership is required to shape organizational culture.

Participants of ALEP develop their own leadership capabilities through a variety of learning tools such as interactive sessions, intensive coaching and action plans. We work with the participants and the executives of the company to ensure support so that personal and organizational changes can take place. After all, it is through owning their power, their skills and competencies that leaders can begin transforming employees and deliver outstanding results.

Advanced Leadership Excellence with MBTI®

With our L4 Coaching based Strategy model we incorporate MBTI, a psychometric assessment tool based on Jung’s type theory to know psychological and most natural preferences by reflection on the following type of questions.

  • Where do you draw your energy from?
  • What information is naturally gathered by your personality type?
  • How do you make decisions and are they intrinsic to logic or instincts?
  • How do you like your external world to be?

Benefits of Advanced Leadership Excellence with MBTI®

  • Addresses a strategic challenge in the company
  • Progresses new business initiatives
  • Tests and develops innovative approaches
  • Results in impact that is deeper, faster and more sustainable

  • Strengthens collaboration
  • Promotes peer to peer learning

  • Leverages participants’ expertise and experience
  • Promotes ongoing learning through reflection on experience
  • Provides coaching on personal challenges

What Is MBTI®?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is a widely used assessment which provides insight into one’s personality, motivations, natural strengths, and potential areas of growth. Using a relatively short, non-invasive forced-choice questionnaire, the tool helps individuals gain a conscious understanding of their thinking and communication preferences vis-a-vis other people.

The MBTI® offers individuals a unique 360-degree view of their personality types by exploring their natural choices regarding energy orientation, the ways in which they take in and process information, as well as how they relate to the outer world


The MBTI® personality inventory has a wide range of applications to enable growth and development within organisations.

These include team building, career exploration, conflict management, retention, and leadership and coaching.

Target Users:

Directors, Senior Managers, Experienced Managers, Supervisors, Professionals, Entry-level


Online, Paper-based, Objective Questions which requires one to Select One of Two Choices

Administration time:

30 minutes

MBTI Step I™ (Form M) - 1 day Workshop

The MBTI® instrument generates a wide range of online and paper reports that can be customized per your need and budget. For your understanding, a complete list of reports and their uses are provided below.

Step I™ Form M

Profile Report: Designed to help you understand your results on the MBTI®

Team Report: Describes a group's type and its related problem-solving and conflict management styles.

  • MBTI® Interpretive Report: Offers a concise yet detailed interpretation of a client’s results.
  • MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organizations: Explores leadership and communication styles based on MBTI® results.
  • MBTI® Work Styles Report: Pairs two people's MBTI® results to enhance their working relationship.
  • MBTI® Career Report: Explores career interests based on type.
  • MBTI® Complete: Provides the assessment and an interactive interpretation session in one online package.

MBTI Step II™ (Form Q) - 2 day Workshop

  • MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive Report: Uses clear graphics to explore the variation within a client's personality type.
  • MBTI® Profile Report: gives you information about your personality type based on your answers to the MBTI® Form Q.

  • 5 Facets or sub-scales for each dichotomy are provided.
  • Sub-scales are displayed graphically and your personalized test explains your individual outcomes on each one of these 20 sub-scales.
  • Results are then applied to four important components of executive development communication, change management, decision making, and conflict management.
  • The report describes your style in these four areas and suggests ways of using that style more effectively.
  • Finally, this report integrates a summary which shows your results in brief; the average range of scores of people of your same MBTI type, along with statistics that show how you compared with 92,000 others who took the MBTI.