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Course - Action Learning Foundation Workshops


Action learning is an approach to solving real problems that involves taking action and reflecting upon the results using the Power of Questioning.

It has been used extensively as a component in corporate and organizational leadership development programs.Because complex problems require many skills, individual team members can develop a customized learning agenda for themselves.

This strategy is quite different from the “one size fits all” curriculum that is characteristic of many training and development programs.

Today Action Learning is one of the finest thinking tools used in by a wide community of businesses, governments, non-profits, and educational institutions to solve real world and Urgent problems at hand.

Benefits of Action Learning Foundation Workshops

Key Learning
  • Easy Adoption of the Action Learning Process
    Unlike most other group processes, Action Learning does not require members to be trained. Under the guidance of an Action Learning Coach, the team can be up and running within just minutes of forming.
  • Solve Organizational Issues
    The more urgent and complex the problem at hand, the better suited for Action Learning. Complex problems require the team to see the problem as a whole, rather than in parts which the Action Learning process enables.
  • Immediate Transference of Learning
    Leadership training programs often fail at transferring learning once the learner leaves the classroom and enters the complexity of the real world. Action Learning flows with the dynamism of the open system and the learning is immediately applied to the group, bringing about a change of behavior and thinking process.
  • Instrument for Developing Personal Mastery & Leadership Skills
    Action Learning enables clarity of thought through deep questioning. Members are made aware of their implicit assumptions, beliefs and attitudes which in turn affect organizational decisions and outcomes.
  • Promotes Team Learning
    Action Learning believes that the answers lie within the team members. The coach merely acts as a mirror to the team and facilitates reflection. Diversity of views is encouraged and power is balanced within the team, between leaders and members, bosses and subordinates. The true capability of the team can hence shine.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the application and strength of the tool
  • Understand the requirements for a successful Action Learning Session
  • Understand and applying the 6 Components of Action Learning
  • Questioning and Reflection
  • Role of a Coach and Problem Presenter

Who should attend this course

Managers, Sr Managers, Team Members, Leaders of any industry vertical